What Can a 5KVA Generator Power?

Are you tired of facing a power outage when carrying out all of the household tasks? Well, that is where the backup generators come into play. Even though there are loads of options when it comes to a portable generator or any other type of generator, one of the go-to options for many is a 5 KVA generator.

However, before you pick a 5 KVA generator, you should know what can a 5KVA generator power. Without having a fair idea regarding the things a 5000-watt generator can power, it would not be possible to connect to all the appliances efficiently.

But the good news is that we have tested out one generator with a 5 KVA rating with many devices. And no, you will not need a bachelor’s degree to understand the capability and capacity of a 5000-watt generator. Don’t trust us? Continue reading to find out!

Things That a 5000-Watts Generator Can Power

Let us get right to the point. As we have mentioned, we have tried running all the appliances that you would generally find in most households. That is not all; we even tried running devices that are usually not found in a regular house. And we will spill all of our findings in this segment.

Kitchen Appliances

A 5000-watt generator will provide enough power to run most of the major appliances that you will find in a kitchen. That includes small to medium-sized electric ranges, microwaves, freezers, electric stoves, a few lights, small space heaters, and other appliances that generally have lower power requirements.

Now, if you are wondering how many appliances you can run at the same time in the kitchen, it will depend on the power needs of the list of equipment. For example, you can indeed run one refrigerator and one microwave simultaneously.

However, if the required wattage exceeds the continuous power rating of the 5000-watts generator, you will not be capable of powering the other things. They would together need more power to run at the same time.

Alongside that, do note that a large refrigerator would be more demanding when it comes to electricity. If the amps and watts of the appliance take all of the power from the generator, there will be no power left for the other devices. You might not be capable of running lights. So, check the power requirements beforehand.

Electrical Appliances

The 5000-watts generators do offer a good amount of power to run electrical equipment. It will be possible to operate a television, refrigerator, deep freezer, hairdryer, air conditioning unit, sump pump, water pump, television, well pump, computers, heat blankets, and other common appliances.

Again, if you consider how many appliances can power simultaneously, it will depend on the amps and watts rating of each. For example, if you plan on powering a central air conditioner unit along with a large-sized refrigerator, the source will not be capable of taking the load.

Power Tools

You can power a lot of power tools with the 5000-watt generator. However, the power source will struggle a bit for the ones with reasonably high watts, voltage, and amps ratings. It will not be capable of taking on the load. And for this case, you need to understand that power tools are not like a set of regular house appliances.

Unlike any other appliance you will find in homes, the power factor for these will be high. The wattage rating will sometimes exceed the power-hungry home appliances.

To illustrate, the engine of large air compressors might require loads of power. And the wattage can be pretty close to what a 5000-watt generator can output. So, you might not even be capable of briefly running that device.

That said, it will certainly be possible to run less to medium-demanding tools. That includes power drills, grinders, sprayers, saws, and small-sized compressors.

When it comes to running two or more things simultaneously, you need to calculate how much power they will draw. Then, you should compare the two wattage ratings. If the power factor of the power tools has greater power factor than the generator, it will not be possible to run them together.

On the other hand, if you find that the calculated wattage is less than what the generator can offer, you can run all of the tools together with the 5000-watt generator.

Electric Water Heater

Most of the homes have an electric water heater system running throughout the entire house. And for most cases, the 5000-watt generator can operate the heater without any issues. But, if the heater has higher rated watts than 5000, the 5000-watt generator will not be capable of running it.

How Many Appliances Can I Run with a 5000-watt Generator?

You would need to do a little bit of calculation to find out the answer. And for this, you should check the watts of each of the things you want to run and note them down. To illustrate, if you want to run a refrigerator, television, and a couple of lights together, check the watts and amps for each and add them up.

If the calculated amps and watts do not exceed the rating of the 5000-watts generators, you will be all good. But with 5000-watts models, you will be capable of running multiple appliances simultaneously in most cases.

Is the Generator Size of a 5000-watt Generator Too Big?

The 5000-watt generator is neither too big nor small or compact. In comparison, it will be larger than a 2000-watts, 3000-watts, or 4000-watts generator. But the 5000-watt generator will be smaller than the generators that are rated higher.

Final Words

Now, if you are still wondering what can a 5KV generator power, it will be capable of making most of the tools, home appliances, and other appliances run.

But when it comes to running multiple devices together, you would need to do a bit of calculation. It will not be safe to plug in more load than what the source can handle.

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