50 Amp Transfer Switch for Portable Generator

During a power outage, your best bet is to run all the appliances with the generator power. And portable generators are one of the go-to picks for many as they are easy to carry around. You would not have to worry about hardwired appliances, nor will you need to rely on a professional electrician.

Now, if you are running portable generators for backup power, you should get a transfer switch installed. It would be highly unsafe to connect the generator directly to the electric panel.

That is where manual transfer switches such as the 50 Amp transfer switch for portable generator comes into play. But if you do not have an idea regarding the switch, the installation process can be pretty tough. For that reason, you should go through this entire article because we will discuss all the switch.

What Is a Manual Transfer Switch?

Basically, the manual transfer switches will simplify the connection of circuits. For example, if you opt to supply the power through the generators to the garage and other parts of the house, you would have to go through the hassle of connecting wires. And without a proper diagram, installing those circuits will be pretty tough.

Alongside that, if you opt for manual transfer switches for the generator, you will not even need to keep open windows. Now, if you compare the installation process, it would be much easier to deal with the circuits if the generators had switches installed.

How Does a Manual Transfer Switch Work?

Running multiple extension cords can be a big hassle. You will need to do a lot of work with the power inlet box if you plan on running multiple extension cords in your house. That is why the manufacturer of the generators will recommend installing a manual transfer switch with the portable generator.

That said, like other manual transfer switches, a 50 amp transfer switch will divide the generator power properly and protect the main electrical panel of your home and the portable generator. It would allow the generators to work correctly during the power outage.

The installation process is pretty simple for the manual transfer switch. If you know how transfer switches connect with the system, you can just set them directly to the electrical panel. That would also let you skip the installation fee you would need to pay.

However, if you do not have any idea regarding the manual transfer switch and electrical panel, it would not be suitable to skip the installation price and handle things independently. Instead, wait for a while and let the professional take care of it. That could save you from paying the extra price if any accidents do happen.

Benefits of Manual Transfer Switch

If you compare, you will find that the manual transfer switch is worth upgrading. But what benefits are we actually talking about? Well, these are the main advantages:

  • Improved overall safety
  • The transfer switch will allow you to hardwire different A/C devices
  • Keeps your work area wire-free to some extent
  • Hassle-free connection to service panels

How Many Appliances Can I Connect with the Generators with a 50 Amp Transfer Switch?

You need to understand that the transfer switches do not make the generators capable of doing an overload. It will only ensure that that each circuit is getting proper power through the generators during the power outage. The automatic transfer switch will also protect the system by doing so.

On that note, a 50 amp switch can handle around 8500 to 15000 watts. For most cases, the generators will be capable of connecting to a predefined number of lines. And if you want to plug an extra line into the generators, you would overload the generators.

So, before you install the generators with another outlet, you would need to wait for the other appliances to finish their work.

To calculate how much load the generator can handle, you should do a manual calculation. Add all of the power input of the appliances that you want to connect and compare it with the maximum wattage of the generator.

You can connect them to the generator if you find that the calculated power requirement is lower than the system’s load. On the other hand, if you compare and find that the power requirement exceeds the capability of the generator, you might have to skip a few devices.

In this matter, if you can draw the mental image before you pay the price of the generator, you will not have to skip the essential devices. Contact the sales-person beforehand and state your requirement. They will compare and contact you regarding the right generator that meets your requirement.

That would also save you from paying a hefty price for upgrading the generator later. Also, some of the service centers will offer you a free consultation. And that free consultation can go a long way and save you from paying extra prices in the future.

Final Words

A 50 amp transfer switch for portable generator is something that you should consider before setting up the generator. It will ensure proper power distribution and allow you to get the peace of mind that no severe accidents will occur in the future.

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