Best TV Mount for above Fireplace

With the world still recovering from a pandemic lockdown, it’s only natural to watch more television than usual. We’ve all been there lately, from binge-watching our favorite series to crying on the couch on a sad documentary. 

So, why not make things comfortable while at it? After all, being glued to the screen is not the best for your eyes. 

You need a high-quality and well-designed mounting system to make your movie nights strain-less and cozy. And if you’re wondering about the best tv mount for above fireplace placement, this article is for you. Considering all the factors like tilt, height, weight, and style, we’ve settled on this concise list of the top 10. 

Now let’s get to the details.

Best TV Mount for above Fireplace

To find the perfect mount for placing above your fireplace, take a look at the features of each product first. 

Sanus Advanced Tilt Premium TV Wall Mount

No matter how big your television is, you can’t have a good experience if the screen is tilted the wrong way. We’ve decided to put this as the first choice on the list. The SANUS VLT6 is a wall mount with premium quality and design that’ll surely impress you.

Since this has a maximum tilt range suitable for 46″ to 90″ screens, size will not be your problem. Compared to most other tilt mounts of the company, we liked this far better. 

This is because it has manageable adjustment levels alongside excellent tilting. You can adjust it post-installation without any professional hands. 

And speaking of which, installing this is easy as pie too. Just attach the brackets to the television and screw the plate to the wall. The plate having an open wall design lets you set it up directly over cable outlets. Hang it up, and you’re good to go.

We loved how it extended a bit from the wall and allowed space for keeping cords out of view. Don’t worry about your TV having a free fall suddenly. The metal high-capacity studs hold more than enough weight to keep things safe and secure.


  • Has a universal fit design
  • Weight capacity is high
  • Easy to install and adjust the height, extend and pan
  • Sturdy tilt and angle feature


  • It’s pricey


Unlike some other mounts that tend to become stiff and rusty at one point, this one is superb. If you want to center your TV or prioritize good angles for screentime properly, this will be a pleasant purchase.  


Are you looking for some extra-long arms on your anchor? Well, the Forging Mount has your back. This is a product that we can recommend in a heartbeat.

The design on this is specifically made to allow more maneuvering. It fits most of the screens ranging from just 42″ to 80″. And the weight capacity being 110 lbs is incredible since it means heavy-duty.

You can extend, tilt, rotate and articulate this mount to your liking. It has swivels, levels, and collapses to add to that. The 180° swivel is a lifesaver for getting a glare-free view of the screen in any lighting setup. 

But no worries- it’s not as bulky as it sounds. Despite the length of the extension arms, it’s surprisingly low-profile. It looks sleek and stylish over fireplaces or in a corner.

Thanks to the brackets coming with pre-set drill hole templates, installing this is a breeze. It’s perfect for both 16″ wood studs and solid concrete walls. Since it can be installed at a 3.1 “-43” distance from the wall, you get some room for hidden storage. The package includes screws and easy instructions. 


  • It fits screens from 37″ to 82″
  • Can hold up 110 lbs
  • Easy installation process
  • The long extension makes viewing easier


  • When extended, it sags by one or two-inch


This will be perfect if you want something that has a longer extension. You can view the TV from another room or corner even. 

Mounting Dream TV Mount Bracket

This product from Mounting Dream can upgrade your room’s interior design and screen time experience. Due to the sleek black finishing, this stylish metal piece will look good on any wall. We consider this to be the second-best option for high-quality heavy television sets. 

It can hold up around 100 lbs. The product is compatible with VESA from 200 x 100 mm to 600 x 400 mm. And it can fit TVs of the size 42 to 70 inches. 

This is a full-motion maneuvering mount. You’ll be able to tilt the screen to 5° up easily and 15° down. So, you can say goodbye to unwanted glares and reflections disturbing your view.

The swivel allows for 45° maneuvering and 3° rotation. Moreover, you can extend the arms to a length of 14.6 inches. And the depth of the wall is 2.4″. 

It’s very sturdy and safe since this has been made with robot welding technology. There are 6 articulating arms for more support than usual. The brackets are designed with handles to enable easy adjustment. 


  • It comes with a self-adhesive bubble level that’s easy to use
  • Has a heavy-duty construction with six arms
  • The great flexibility of the design
  • Good weight capacity (100 lbs)


  • Installation is complicated and needs 3-4 people


Despite good weight capacity, you’ll have to tighten the adjustment and installation bolts. Otherwise, we noticed the TV weight tilts the bracket forward.

ECHOGEAR Full Motion TV Wall Mount

The following product up for discussion is one that anyone with a love for big screens would be drawn to. That’s right, and this is the perfect mount to hold up your 90″ television. Its easy-to-install design and high-quality construction make it a new fan favorite.

This bad boy can hold up screens ranging from just 42″ up to 90″. As such, the weight capacity is more than other mounts. It can hold up to 125 lbs. 

The swivel range is 130°. You can set this up to a distance of 2.40 inches from your chimney wall. And the extension is around 22 inches.

Once installed, you may need to do some 3° leveling. Using this product, you’ll be able to tilt the screen 15° down and 5° up. It’s also compatible with 16 to 24 inches stud width, which is very convenient.

This EGLF2 model is an excellent support that securely holds your expensive flat screen in place. Gaming marathons giving you eye strain? Forget about it. Since your screen will be at eye level and have full motion, you can even direct it toward another room.


  • Can eliminate screen glare
  • Quick and easy to install
  • It can be pointed almost anywhere with full-motion
  • Great screen size range and weight capacity


  • The VESA screws included aren’t compatible with current-generation Samsung QLED TVs


Big TVs are now hyped up and trendy. You can easily invest in this to match your modern fireplace decor. Maybe even have some friends over to impress?

Mounting Dream TV Wall Mount Bracket

For something of premium quality, we’d like to refer back to our favorite brand in the game. This is yet another Mounting Dream product that can be used for screens as big as 75″. If you want something a bit more sophisticated, this will be your cup of tea. 

With more load capacity than its predecessor, we highly recommend getting this for both flat and curved screen TVs. It can hold up to 132 lbs of weight. The max VESA compatibility is 600 x 400 mm. 

Both wood stud and concrete walls will be suitable for hanging this. Moreover, you will have both cable ties and bubble level for post-installation adjustments. The full-motion swivel, leveling, and tilting features are smooth and accurate. You can tilt this at an angle of +5° and -15°. 

The wall plate dimension is horizontally 25.5 inches and vertically 11.8 inches. Also, the installation process involves two tube clips that lock the brackets onto the wall plate with a click. Try to have at least two people on hand when hanging the TV to this plate. 

When it comes to companies like TCL, Sony, Sharp, etc., you can be sure it will fit them all. Even if you don’t have a center stud, the center arm will be able to move 13 inches left or right. 


  • It comes with self-stick and plastic levels
  • Excellent design
  • Unambiguous installation instructions
  • The extension of 17-18″ makes the screen appear larger


  • Squeaks slightly when extending the arm


Overall, an excellent investment for gaming geeks and movie freaks. A solid 10/10 on design and function.

Mounting Dream Full Motion TV Wall Mount Swivel and Tilt

A good quality flat screen TV needs an equally good quality mount. And if you’re placing it above something like a fireplace, it’s best not to take any chances. Hence, here’s yet another fantastic product that we have a lot of faith in keeping your TV safe.

This is a high-quality cold-formed steel mount that can hold screens of sizes 42 to 75 inches. It’s compatible with many TV models and has a polished black color. And it’s also a full-motion product that provides enough articulating and maneuvering for comfortably watching from various angles.

The maximum tilt angle is 15°-20°. The weight capacity for this is 100 lbs. And the max VESA compatibility is 600 x 400 mm. 

We particularly loved all the products from this brand were their clear and easy installation instructions. And this one is no different. By following the manual, we set it up in no time.

And there’s a bonus for those in the states looking to get this. Their US-based customer support happens to be top-notch and spectacular. Any and every issue you may face will be catered to properly- not that there’s any room for problems to begin with.


  • Rock-Solid metal construction is reliable
  • Locking and adjusting are super simple
  • It comes with clips for cable management
  • Has rubber mat for cushioning impact


  • The turn radius is low


Anyone with a mid-level budget will find this of great value. It can give some of the higher-end products a run for their money.

Vogel’s THIN 546 full-motion OLED TV wall mount

The thinness of OLED screens often looks strikingly contrasting to the bulky arms it gets hung up with. So, we thought we’d include something that fits in with the slim screens. This Vogel mount is an excellent choice in that regard.

It’s a trendy piece with an extra thin design and premium fit for OLED TVs. Given the fully adjustable arms, the price is also fair. The swivel can go up to 180° left or right. And the extension is a good 25 inches from the wall at max. 

You’ll notice the movements to be extremely gentle. That makes it very suitable for ultra-thin and lightweight screens that require delicate handling.

This has a weight capacity of 66 lbs. And while this may seem a bit disappointing, it isn’t. Because it’s meant to fit thinner and lighter models of the TV rather than those old-fashioned heavier ones.

You can use this for screens of 65 inches. It is VESA compatible with 400 x 400 mm. And the weight of the product being less makes it easy to set up. So, don’t worry about this product stealing your expensive flat-screen TV’s spotlight with any bulky movement.


  • Great for OLED flat screens
  • Not at all bulky
  • Movements are precise and gentle
  • Very good price point


  • Weight capacity is not as much as universal fit mounts


This will be a good pick for those who love minimal interior decors. You can count on making any modern fireplace look more in style. 

Vogel’s THIN 550 ultra-strong full-motion TV wall mount

This is yet another slim-fit mount that’s been designed for full motion. You can fit screens ranging from 40 to 100 inches on this. It has universal compatibility. 

The weight capacity for this mount is 155 lbs. It has a maximum VESA of 600 x 400 mm. You can swivel and tilt this very smoothly. 

It’s possible to tilt this up to 20° and avoid any forms of screen interference like reflections. You can also rotate it to the left and right at a 120° angle. The extension goes as far from the wall as 26 inches. 

Installing this is not a challenge. This is due to the TV Mount Guide app that the company has set up. It helps you through the entire process to position your TV perfectly on the wall. 

The mount is perfect for various screen types and shapes like Curved, LED, OLED, HDTV, LCD, and Plasma. To top it off, life magazine tested this out and rated it a solid 90/90 upper class. With 45 years of experience under their belt, we couldn’t expect anything less from this company.


  • Fits various types and shapes of screens
  • Very durable
  • Easy to install
  • Provides a great angle and rotates smoothly


  • It’s a bit expensive


The thing about spending your coin on a high-quality mount is that it will easily outlive your TV if you take care of it. If you consider this, the price tag is justified. It’s so durable that we highly recommend it.

Mounting Dream TV Mount with Sliding Design

Tired of mounts providing angle and rotation but not center control? We found just the product to meet those needs. It’s from the same brand as some of our other top favorites. 

This product is made from alloy steel, and it’s very sturdy. The minimum size of the screen it fits is 42, and the maximum is 70 inches. You can tilt and articulate this as needed. 

But the thing that stands out about this product is its ultimate centering control feature. It has a clever design that lets you shift the TV to the left, right, or center-aligned on the 24″ wall plate. 

The dual articulating arms offer extensions up to 19 inches for optimal adjustments. Also, the number of arms is 6 in total. And it can hold the weight of TVs up to 100 lbs.

You will find it effortless to install. There will be no hassles or confusion since all screws and bolts are included. After being extended to 3.4 inches, it can retract flush to the wall. 


  • TV can be adjusted to the center easily
  • Can hold a good load
  • Sturdy construction
  • Includes good instructions with necessary hardware for installation


  • Movement may get stiff sometimes and require lubricant


If your fireplace has glass doors, you can consider this. The position of the mount is meant to be a good distance above. After all, lubricant and fire are not a good mixture.

42″ Long Extension Smooth Articulating Swivel arm Bracket Mount

The final product we decided to review is one from the brand called Solid Mounts. And the great thing about this product is its wider range of screen holding capacity. It can be used to hang up 32″ TVs and 75 inches. 

This particular product allows a long and impressive extension of 42 inches. Thanks to this option, you get to rotate the 75″ screen to a complete 90° angle on either side. You can do all this easily and smoothly with just one hand.

It supports a wide range of VESA from 200 x 200 mm to 600 x 400 mm. You can control the center placement of the mount up to 10 inches. Moreover, tilting at 5° and 15° angles is also possible. This is quite rare in products of this sort. 

And yes, this is also a full-motion swivel mounting product. It weighs 30.8 pounds by itself. And its total weight capacity is quite good too. 

With its high-quality structure and unique center placement feature, this is a fantastic bang for the buck. You can hang this up on a brick wall, homemade cabinetry, or concrete. 


  • Budget-Friendly price range
  • Offers good center positioning
  • Has a good range of motions
  • It can be fit on different material walls


  • A bit challenging to install


The catch here is that the TV is attached to this product differently from the rest. You’ll need some help to attach the screen to the swivel arm when setting it above your head.

Before You Buy What to Look for 

Not everyone is blessed to have a proper fireplace nowadays. So, if your home has one, you’re in the lucky bunch. But this blessing can be a curse if you get the wrong mount for setting the TV up above. 

Here are a few pointers you may want to consider beforehand.

  1. Mortar & Bricks

Regardless of its style, your fireplace is highly likely to be held in place by the wall mortar. And even though this is unique to every home, you need to inspect yours to find a mount suited for it. 

Because when it comes to setting up your TV above the chimney, you must consider the wall type and condition.

A mortar is the concrete part of the chimney that extends to form its roof. So, whether it will hold up to a 30 pounds weight will be the question to ask. 

  • Anchoring with Stability

This is where things get a bit tricky. You’ll need to ensure it is installed securely for a stably moving mount. 

Remember, a mortar is like a space filler, which holds the bricks and stones together. So, the outer fireplace hearth and chimney structure are two different things bonded together.

You need to know all this because it’s key to a stable installation. Your chimney may tilt or pull away from the house when not maintained for years. Putting another metal structure with a flat-screen on top of that is a recipe for disaster.

  • Bigger Isn’t Always Better

But it’s not just the weight you’ve got to think about. For a successful fireplace movie theatre setup, you’ll need to get a high-quality anchor and not a flimsy one.

Some people think the bigger and bulkier the mount, the better securing it properly to the wall. But that isn’t the case at all. Getting an anchor with extra-long arms will only risk damaging the structure of your chimney. They could drill too far into the structure and cause a leakage in the smoke chamber.

Unless you want to deal with costly repairs over nothing, consider finding out more about proper drilling sites in your fireplace. Try and find anchors that are long but won’t require drilling your home into a smoke hazard.

  • Screen Type and Weight

Enough about bricks and stones; let’s talk about the display you have in mind. What’s the screen type? You may be thinking of getting an OLED or Plasma or even a modern-day Smart TV. 

But have you thought about how those screens handle the heat? No doubt, your fireplace area will be much warmer than other locations in your home. Overheating may be a severe issue, and it can leave you with a damaged and dead television. So, we suggest finding a screen that is well-suited to higher temperatures.

  • Cable Management

Picture this- a cozy couch with a warm blanket in front of a fireplace and a holiday movie playing in the background. That sounds like the perfect hygge setup. But add some unsightly cables and multi plugs to the front and a yelping dog that tripped over them to the mix, and it’s ruined. 

You should get a product that offers either cable clips or cable managing options. Most of the ones out there leave enough room at the back to store cable boxes out of sight. 

We’ve included the VESA compatibility measurements and cable managing details for the products in our list. Feel free to take your pick from there.

  • Angle Adjustments

When it comes to ambient lighting, a dark screen reflecting something else is nothing new. And it gets the creepiest when you suddenly see your own reflection on-screen during a horror movie. 

And if you’re planning to watch that sitcom in broad daylight, you may want to reconsider. Sunlight beams from the window and the fireplace combined will cause glares on your screen. Overall, it’s not a pleasant experience.

The easy solution is getting a product that holds your TV at different necessary angles. We suggest getting ones that either have remote control features or are simply adjustable by hand. Many of them require tools, but who has time for that every time? Besides, a better viewing angle can reduce eye strain in the long run.

  • Seating Options and Space

Having your expensive TV face up close and personal may seem like a good setup, but it gets cramped. Consider how much space you have on your wall and what’s the distance from your couch. 

Ultimately, you won’t have your TV extended out of the wall all the time. So how far it extends and retracts is an essential factor to notice beforehand. It’s also good to check how much space your wall has for the mount.

Your anchoring arms should be able to remain flush with the wall, if not up close to it when retracted. This will open up your living room space more, but it will create an illusion of a bigger screen when extended out.

  • Risks

If you’re planning to get one of those “accordion” style wall mounts, it’s crucial to weigh out the risks. While these products are super convenient due to their moving capabilities, they aren’t the best choice for stone veneer walls above a fireplace.

As we mentioned initially, it can risk damaging your chimney’s internal structure. The other risk is the arms overheating and losing their luster when extended down in front of an open flame. 

There isn’t any significant harm to setting up a moveable set of steel arms. But always maneuver the TV delicately and use lubrication if it gets stuck or stiff. 


How far above a fireplace should a TV be mounted?

If your mantel-to-floor space is less than four feet, then the TV mount goes 12 inches above it. You can do the same for fireplaces without mantels.

Can the fireplace heat damage the TV?

While it seems apparent that it may, that isn’t true. Your mantel will act as a shield and protect your TV above it. But the damage may occur if you extend the TV out in front of the fire. 

How high should a 65 inch TV be mounted above a fireplace?

If your sitting position is around 108 inches from the hearth, you can mount that 65-inch display at 70 inches in height. 

Should the fireplace be wider than the TV?

Yes, it’s always a good rule of thumb to make sure the walls are wider than the TV. It will look aesthetically pleasing if the fireplace is around 6-8 inches wider than your screen.

Does a TV have to be mounted to a stud?

Since most television mounts are designed to be on drywall material, they usually require studs. But if you specifically get a no-stud mount, you can hang it up like a photo frame. 

Final Words

With the best tv mount above the fireplace, you can get the experience of a movie theatre in the comfort of your home couch. After all, nothing spells “Hygge” more than a movie, a hot drink, and a crackling fire in the background.

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