How to Install GPS Tracker in Car?

Car rentals and ambulance services have to track their vehicles all the time. Besides that, the common user can also benefit greatly from adding a GPS tracker to their vehicle.

You can track your car if it is often driven by someone else. Besides the usual tracking, you can also check some of the driver’s behaviors. If not for that, a GPS tracker can help you a lot in case your car gets stolen. So why not invest in this amazing tool?

Nowadays, most cars have a GPS tracking system. If you are wondering how to install GPS tracker in car, you have come to the right place. You can buy the tracker separately and install it yourself. It’s not that hard of a task. Let’s get into the details of this process to get to know the product even better.

How to Install GPS Tracker in Car?

If you don’t install the GPS tracker properly in your car, you won’t be able to enjoy its benefits. Follow the steps below if you want to get the most out of your GPS tracker:

Put the Tracker in a Case

Besides putting the batteries on the tracker, the first thing you need to do is put it in a case. We recommend that you use a high-quality magnet-resistant case for this.

This way, the GPS tracker will stay protected no matter the weather condition.

Choose a Discreet Location

Now you have to think about where you want to place the tracker. Placing the tracker in a location where it can be easily seen is never a good idea. Someone who plans on stealing your car will be able to see the GPS and can then tamper with it.

That is why you need to select a good discreet area on your car to put the case in.

Test the GPS Tracker

After you have successfully placed the tracker in a discreet location in the car, you have to test the tracker out.

For this, you can take the car out for a short test drive. Check the speed you were driving at, the turns that you took, and the road you took. Note them down yourself. Then check the readings that the GPS tracker took and match them.

If the readings are the same or have minor changes, the tracker is good to go. But if the two readings are poles apart or different enough to stir up confusion, you need to get a better tracker or install it more securely.

Once you are sure that the tracker is giving you the right results, you are done! Your GPS tracker is ready for use.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is a GPS tracker in a car powered?

There are two main ways through which a GPS tracker can be powered. The first is the method that we spoke about, the battery-powered ones. And the second one is the tracker being installed using the car’s battery.

Installing a GPS tracker that uses dedicated batteries is great because they are easy to install. But the trackers that are powered using your car’s battery need to be installed by a professional.

Where should you place a GPS tracker on a car?

The perfect place to put your GPS tracker on your car is underneath it. This way, the readings do not bounce off and are accurate.

This place is also very discreet. With the right case and tracker color selection, you can camouflage the tracker very easily.

How to check the GPS tracker’s information?

Usually, the GPS tracker connects to your phone or your computer. Then, you can take and analyze the readings from there.

Information about the car’s speed, the road it took, and how long it drove can be seen on the device of your choice. Some newer types of GPS tracking systems allow you to check more information about your car, such as whether the AC is turned on or if the car has enough gas.

What kind of case should you buy for your GPS tracking device?

The case is what protects the tracker on the car. So it is vital that the case is of high quality.

You need to make sure that the case is waterproof and magnet resistant. This way, the tracker inside will remain safe from water damage. The reading will also not bounce off.

The better and safer the tracker’s case is, the harder it is for people to tamper with it.

What benefits can a GPS tracker offer?

Adding a GPS tracker to your car can be very beneficial. You can stay informed about where your car has been throughout the day. With better quality and more advanced GPS trackers, you can also check the amount of gas left in your car and other helpful features.

If you own a car rental, or if your car is often driven by people, adding a GPS tracker is a must for you!

Final Words

If you know how to install GPS tracker in car, you can get a lot of benefits. The device will help you see where your car has been throughout the day. It can also help you get back your car if it gets stolen.

But, to get all of these benefits, you need to install the tracker properly. Without doing so, the readings taken on the tracker might not be accurate.

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