How Should I Run My Wiring for Wall Mount Tv Above Gas Fireplace?

Setting up your TV above the living room fireplace can either look super classy or cringey, depending on how you do it. And the key to getting that polished decor is proper wiring. I mean, it doesn’t take a genius to see how ghastly exposed cables and tangled wires look next to expensive rugs.

And I know what you’re thinking – how should I run my wiring for wall mount tv above gas fireplace? Mixing heat and electronics and making it look aesthetically pleasing is a struggle. But there are a few options you can consider.

Let me explain the details.

How to Run Wiring for Wall Mount Tv Above Gas Fireplace

How sneakily you can hide your wiring depends mostly on the fireplace location and type. A vented gas hearth will need one type of renovation compared to a ventless one.

Many people will tell you right off the bat that it’s a no-no installing your TV above a fireplace. But we say – go for it! Life’s too short not to have a cozy home theatre setup. And there are tons of ways you can get it done just the way you like.

Option-1: Cut out the Drywall

You obviously can’t have wiring without outlets. And unless you find sockets conveniently placed above the hearth, you’ll need to get creative.

Drilling through the studs above the fireplace is one option to think about. While you’ll have minimal drywall damage, you’re going to face some obstacles. Inner wall insulation and full-height studs or uneven stones are a few of them.

So, what we suggest is sacrificing a bit of the drywall for the sake of control. You can cut a section of the drywall on the side you want to insert the outlets. Running the conduit this way will be easier, and drilling will not be as risky.

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Option-2: Surface Mount with Wiremold

Now, this is what you can do if messing up the drywall is absolutely out of the question. While it’s not my favorite solution to the problem, it gets the job done.

If you have a fireplace that’s lower in height with enough wall exposed above, you can apply this easily. Try getting a wiremold of the same color as your wall. Then use that to cover the exposed wiring.

You can also do this in cases where there are bricks all the way to the ceiling. The mold color might stand out a bit in that case. But it’s convenient nonetheless.

Besides, some of the molds are paintable. With enough patience and planning, you can minimize how much it catches the eye.

Option-3: Build a False Wall Or Cabinet

And here’s where you get to let your creative juices flow. You can build a false wall around the fireplace so that the wiring is on the surface but completely hidden.

A nice set of beige or white cabinets can look very chic in any room. And you don’t necessarily need to put anything in them. They also work as shelf space for speakers, consoles, or extra decoratives.

Option-4: Make a Service Cavity

You never know when you’ll need to do some cable fishing in the future. So while most of the measures I’ve talked about are quick solutions, this one’s a long-term thing.

Making a service cavity is going to give you an added advantage by modifying your existing wall with horizontal battens. Not only will this spare your drywall, but it also leaves the insulation and vapor barrier alone.

The great thing about having one of these made is that it lets you fish around when you need to change something.

I highly suggest this option if your house is an old one that came with a built-in fireplace. Because who knows what the previous builders did, right? The last thing you need is a hazard from disrupting the old lead-painted walls.

Patch It Up!

Even after everything is said and done, you’ll probably need to fix your wall a bit here and there. No matter how small, drilling holes cause chipping in the plaster.

Although cutting out the sheetrock didn’t bother you, the aftermath probably will. But no worries – I know a few hacks to patch things up.

Get some tape, cardboard, clay or mud, and paint. Then you can follow a DIY tutorial on fixing holes in walls or just intuitively do it. This can also work by using some thick paper instead of cardboard.

Stick the patch with some tape or superglue. Then just put a layer of clay over, paint it, and voila – you can’t even tell the difference!

List of Things Needed

Getting all the tools and necessities for a project is essential to its perfect execution. And as a perfectionist myself, I thought it’d be unfair to leave that bit out of the loop.

To follow through and get this project done, you’re going to need a few things handy. I’ve listed them out to make things easier.

  1. A cavity behind the wall that has enough room for fishing out cables or installing sockets. You can make one by yourself if this isn’t already there. Just make sure to check what studs the drywall has – metal or wood.
  2. A good quality electric outlet or power kit above the fireplace. This will stay directly behind the TV.
  3. An outlet close to where you want to place the components like speakers.
  4. You’ll need a cable jack to keep the satellite box.
  5. Extra-long cables that will connect your TV at different angles to the components.
  6. Basic tools like a drill, electrician’s fishing tape, fishing rod, a hole saw, and some measuring tape.
  7. Auger bits also come in handy.

As long you have these few things available, you’ll be good to go.

Perks of Mounting TV Above Fireplace

Most places with a fireplace are old townhouses and classic homes from the 1980s. These usually get renovated and turned into gas fireplaces with a more modern look. To set up TVs above them, you usually need more renovation or modifications done.

But is going through all those steps worth it? It sure is!

I mean, who can say no to a cozy fireplace? Add a good movie, a comfy couch, and a snuggle buddy, and it’s the ultimate setup.

Besides, another perk of this is a place to relax other than your bedroom. Staying curled up in bed might seem nice but socializing when guests come over is also important. And what better way to socialize than sitting together watching a show?

Interior designers all over social media have been hyping up the trendy living room decor. And a flatscreen over the fireplace seems to be the most popular way to go. So, why stay behind? Wooing friends with a trendy home setup is something you shouldn’t be missing out on.

Final Words

Wires and sockets are the banes of a home decor geek’s existence. Unless you’re going for an “urban-jungle” inspired look with all the cables dangling and exposed, I’d recommend otherwise.

And since now you’ve got the answers, stop wondering “how should I run my wiring for wall mount tv above gas fireplace?” and start doing.

Trust me – it’s going to transform your home like it was on an episode of Extreme Makeovers.

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