Difeel Biotin Pro-Growth Hair Oil | How to Use?

Here’s the thing – Rapunzel never gulped down organic kale juice or hair growth gummies. What she probably did was something women of the ancient days regularly did for getting long healthy hair. And that’s applying a high-quality oil for hair growth.

So if you’ve got yourself a bottle of Difeel biotin pro-growth hair oil, how to use it is not supposed to be a question. It’s “when” to use it! This article is going to fill you in on all the answers to hows and whens.

It’s time to get you set to have those luscious locks of your dreams.

How to Use Difeel Biotin Pro-Growth Hair Oil

From sleeping on silk pillowcases to only shampooing with apple cider vinegar, you’ve tried every hack in the book. And yet the outcomes seem non-existent. But guess what? We’re going to change that today.

Here are the steps on how to get it done –


Wash your hair till the scalp is cleaned properly. It’s best to use a high-end shampoo (not a drugstore one). Applying oil to a dirty scalp will only make your hair greasy.


You can apply the oil to dry or wet hair – it depends on your preference. Experts suggest that light oils are better on wet hair while heavier oils work best on dry hair. As this oil is of lighter consistency, I’d suggest putting it on after bathing.

How Much Is Enough?

One to three palms of oil should be good enough, depending on your hair length. Always begin from the scalp and go to the ends slowly.


Section off pieces of your hair and massage the oil into the scalp. Don’t be rough because that might mess up the cuticles. Use your fingertips in a circular motion. This will prevent tangles and also improve blood circulation to the hair roots.

Wrap it Up!

Ever wondered why salons have steam treatments for hair spas? Warmth opens up hair follicles. That’s why it’s important to either heat up the oil or soak the scalp in warm water.

If you’re not up for either, just wrap it up with a warm towel after oiling. It’ll do the same trick and let your scalp absorb better.

How Long to Keep

You can tie your hair in a braid after oiling and keep it on for a day or two. But if you have scalp conditions like dandruff, psoriasis, or itchiness, then washing it off after 3-4 hours is a good idea. Try to use less shampoo and more water when washing to prevent dryness afterward.

Benefits of Oiling Hair

You’ll be amazed to see the difference oiling makes once you regularly start doing it. Indian women are known to have gorgeous hair in the world. And it’s no secret how often they like using oils.

Not only does it prevent premature greying, but it also increases the shine and silkiness of hair long-term. Oiling also prevents breakage and helps repair heat and color damages. The long length is just one of the many benefits it provides.

Oil treatments and massages to the scalp can help reduce stress and anxiety. Migraines and regular headaches? Just get an oil massage – it works like magic.

Final Words

If you want to meet your hair goals, start using that bottle of Holy Grail from today. You already know the benefits of Difeel biotin pro-growth hair oil; how to use it isn’t a trick either. So, what’s stopping you?

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